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 Bridge at Night 

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The Dance of transformation


I have always felt the Dance alive within my body.  Eventually I came to understand that it was the Dance of the Cosmos, province of the ancient god of Dance, Song, Mask and Theatre.  Transformation, celebration, breaking free of constraints, challenging boundaries are all involved in his worship.  His is a playful, subversive, dangerous, joyful, creative force to be acknowledged and given its rightful channel of expression.  Dionysus was also a god of the Underworld presiding over Death and Regeneration.


In my art I often play with line and whilst Paul Klee took his for a walk I take mine for a dance.  Sometimes these lines describe dancing figures or a landscape real or imagined, vibrating with inner energy.  And lines can become pathways leading to strange, often dark realms. 


From the shadows a face may appear - a face that is a mask.  (For the ancient Greeks one word, prosopon, meant both.)  And with the face/mask comes a question: "Who am I?"  But the Dance calls and there is no time to attempt an answer even if there were any point.  For we might rather ask: "What is it to be an entity?" and wonder if it is perhaps, to be an indefinite form shifting and transmuting in a void.  Might it be Sentience emerging from Chaos and remerging again?  Is it to be a being that leaves writing on the wall overlaying that which has gone before?


Embrace the Dance and such musings become meaningless noise forit is the Spirit of Life, the expression of Death and the Knowledge of all things.  Flowing through my being it dances me.  It moves me into the material plane so that it may become manifest in tangible form.  In reality all is in motion, everything in the process of transformation and the only constant is change.  But in the image, the work of art, time is seemingly held in suspension, capturing for a while, though not for eternity, the climax of the Dance.


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