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 Female Masked Face 

Welcome to my Mask Theatre pages. As well as a visual artist I am a mask maker and theatre practitioner. I have an MA in Text and Performance Studies from Kings College London/RADA.  I undertake research into the use of masks in Greek tragedy and have a PhD from Royal Holloway, University of London. I have published papers on my interpretations and stagings of the dramas.


These pages include illustrations of my masks and research, with links to images and videos from my mask theatre productions.


Examples of the research:

Chris Vervain,  'Performing Ancient Drama in Mask: the Case of Greek New Comedy'.  New Theatre Quarterly, 79 (August 2004), p 245 - 264.

Chris Vervain and David Wiles, 'The Masks of  Greek Tragedy as Point of  Departure for Modern Performance', New Theatre Quarterly, 67 (August 2001), p 254 - 272.

Chris Vervain, 'Three Electras and the Multivalent Mask,' Didaskalia. Vol 7. Issue 1

Chris Vervain, 'The Masked Chorus in Action: Staging Euripides Bacchae,' Didaskalia, Vol. 8 (2011).

Chris Vervain, 'Performing Ancient Drama in Mask: the Case of Greek Tragedy, ' New Theatre Quarterly / Volume 28 / Issue 02 / May 2012, pp 163 - 181

Christine M Lambert, Performing Greek Tragedy in Mask: re-inventing a lost tradition, PhD Thesis, University of London.(2008) .  





Most recently, I directed performances of Aeschylus' Choephori and Eumenides, translated by Michael Ewans, in mask with original live music. Performed at Theatro Technis, Camden Town in March 2016. 

Production Images

Videos of the performances are available on YouTube.