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Recent Shows.


Exhibition of some of my work at Tower Bridge.


City Dance

A set of 4 images reflection my passion for the city and its river.


The immense old city throbs with the excited energy of life lived with a heightened intensity unknown in earlier times.  It is thrilling, dazzling; encompassing all the world.  In my work it compels a sympathetic movement that becomes manifest in the dancing line: the lines of force, action and connection.  And all forms merge in the elemental dance of the living city.


Snaking though the city's heart the river flows a dark, mysterious watery being carrying with it the secret histories of the ages. Despite the modern pleasure crafts, the picturesque wharfs that line its banks around the popular tourist haunts, the story it whispers is far from gentle.  For, hiding away from the bright new buildings and bustling holiday crowds, wind older grimy streets and alleyways.  And woven through the very earth under the streets, the buildings and even the river itself is a labyrinth of tunnels. They too have tales to tell of brutality, of neglect, and of ruthless ambition.  In my work these multiple pathways are all gathered into the pattern to become part of the greater ever changing whole.



I am an active mask maker and Director of Masked performances of ancient Greek plays. Mask Theatre Site


I have authored a number of E books including illustrated sories suitable for children of all ages. Published Kindle Books on Amazon